Pure food is important to us

It is good for your heart
It preserves nature
It improves overall well being

Clove Mediterranean Kitchen offers flavorful Mediterranean fare presented in a modern blend that’s perfect for health- and taste-minded individuals looking for quick service in a fast-casual atmosphere.

Healthy food can and should taste delightful. Our build-your-own menu allows you to create your ideal meal on every visit without ever getting bored. Choose from a delicious variety of taste-infused bases, whether you live for your greens, have a passion for pita, or go with the grains. Then, add from a savory selection of well-loved Mediterranean dips and spreads, followed by the succulently seasoned protein of your preference. (And, yes, we most definitely have options for our vegetarian friends!) Throw on your favorite toppings, a dressing, and any extras you crave, and let the power of our Mediterranean cuisine refresh you from the inside out.

In our kitchen, we thrive on freshness and insist on quality. Our traditional Mediterranean home-style cooking methods offer comfort in two ways: with satisfying and delicious food, and with peace of mind that the recipes are prepared with healthy life-giving ingredients. Our permanent pantry staples include extra virgin olive oil, yogurt, nuts, beans, grains and fresh fruits.

Mediterranean cuisine has a long-standing history of vibrant, robust tastes with powerful health benefits thanks to antioxidant-packed ingredients and healthy fats. Our Chef exquisitely captures this essence and infuses our recipes with his unique hand, often updating the menu along with the seasons to ensure optimal freshness. Each element is flooded with mouth-watering flavor that can stand alone or integrate seamlessly with the rest of your plate.

At Clove, we care about your journey to a healthier and happier life. We built this concept from the ground up with quality, affordability, and sustainability at its core and you at its heart. Looking around, we realized that quick, healthy food service options, especially Mediterranean ones, were few and far between. We knew we could do something to change that. So we did, and Clove came to life.

No matter why you stop by, a Clove meal will always leave you satisfied and feeling great. Visit Clove Mediterranean Kitchen for pure food and forward flavor.